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This Assignment made for complete a request assignment group in English Lesson 2, who has teacher is Mr.Amik Amri Rahmadi, SS., M.Pd

1. Ratih Setya Andhini          (10130070)
2. Depict Pristine Adi           (10130071)                               
3. Roikha Datul Nurjanah     (10130082)                  
4. M. Alif Indrayana             (10130107)          

MEY 2012

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
The authors say thank to  God who has given grace, Taufiq and hidayah to us. The sholawat and our greetings we say to Rasullullah SAW who has brought his people from darkness into the natura, that is the religion of Islam. So the paper with theme “English for Bussines In Malang Tourism Information Center” it can to be resolved with the best.
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Not forget we give our thanks to Mr Amiek Amri Rahmadi who have guided and helped us in resolved this paper properly and friends who have give spirit.
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We realize that in writing this paper are still many shortage. Therefore, criticism and suggestions that become to the perfection of this paper will be accepted gladly.
Hopefully this paper can be useful for us.
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Wassalamualaikum. Wr.Wb


A.    Background
According to MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center), the use of English in business is very important. Because people that visit cities of Malang, like visit to the restaurant, tour of place, and about where the typical food of malang, ect.The visitor of Malang not only  from local (People from indonesia) but the visitor also from outside the city of Indonesia (foreign). Because many of visitor are foreign that no understand about the information of place in Malang.

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So MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center) use English to help visitors from outside Indonesia to enjoy  tour of the Malang. And we do observation which guided by Mr. Ardikantoro (HPI Officer, Tourism Malang) as a resource. The guide of information about tour, typical food, on Malang are fluently and good to speak English.

B.     Observation
We are from the first group do the observation on Thursday, 21 April 2011. Before it, we was discussion how was gone there?, we aggre to gone there by the public of transportation (Len LG) with the cost 2.500 Rupiah for every people. The public of transportation is comfortable and can to use together, So, we choose this transportation. We was gone there after finish the activity of campus at 11.20 am until 01.45 pm. We are very enjoy it.
The MTIC  (Malang Tourism Information Center) was placed in jendral basuki rahmad street at number 06. We have gotten many of information from observation by Mr. Ardikantoro. And this information that we gotten are :
Ø  MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center) is giving the information for foreign like information about place of typical food that food funds the country of foreign (Restourant Oen), culture of Malang (The making Of  mask in Pakis Aji), so MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center) is playing along with a tour that related to guide, travel or agen of trip with use English to communication. We think MTIC is very amazing, because with use English to communicate its can make easy for foreign. When the foreign is confuse about this city (Malang), they can ask to MTIC about the information that they need.
Ø  MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center), is giving information about place that the function to exchange Dollar to become Rupiah (money Changer) to foreign. Because in Indonesia when they want buy something in this country, they must use the rupiah not dollar. So, this information is very important to foreign. Because, if without this information from MTIC, the foreign will confuse.
Ø  MTIC is playing along with goverment of Malang City to give the information to foreign and playing along with Travel Sunrise Holiday with the Choise of city in Malang, like Malang Nostalgia Tour, Batu City Tour and Bromo Tour. With use English to communicate, and Hotel Reservation, then Ticketing Recervation.
C.    Discussion
We think about Malang is Country with all of beautifully, naturelly, and friendly people, then the center of tour in Java. So the foreign that visit on Malang was happy, comfortable, and always to repeat to visit this city again. When we observasing we ask some of question, like how the function MTIC, how MTIC work to give information, and what the advantages MTIC for foreign. And we think with the MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center), can give advantages for this city (Malang), because with it the foreign is feel happy, not disappointed. So. The foreign feel that they are getting the good respect from this city. And MTCI can make recomendation for another city. MTIC is good organization to help the foreign, because they are not only giving the information to foreign, but also they are playing along with Travel Sunrise Holiday with the Choise of city in Malang, like Malang Nostalgia Tour, Batu City Tour and Bromo Tour. With use English to communicate, and Hotel Reservation, then Ticketing Recervation, etc. So, the foreign is easy to do something they want in there. Because the facility like guide, and another is complete. The foreign must not afraid and worry to come here, because of reason can’t to communication with another and can’t going to some place that they are want. Because the answer about it is MTIC (Malang Tourism Information Center.

D.    Conclusion
1.    We think that the organization is no perfect. Because the management in there just two people, and its have decision by goverment (Recruitment from Goverment). The conclusion for this problem is the goverment make the new recruitment about the management, so if many of foreign ask information in there, the management no difficult to give the information (no waiting for getting the information).
2.    MTIC (Recruitment from Goverment) on Malang just one league. We think its very decrease because Malang is big city. And the conclusion is the goverment increase MTIC in everywhere. So, if the foreign not the center of malang, they can still find the MTIC to easy their actyvity in Malang.
3.    MTIC have playing along with same of tour, same of place to food,and another. We think MTIC must increase the playing along with another. So that, all of the foreign is very interesting, and amazing to came here.


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